Brighten, nourish, and stimulate collagen with our anti-aging eye & lip ritual.  Safe for all skin types. Includes a take home 14 day eyecare kit.

collagen infusion

A concentrated treatment to smooth and firm fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for anti-aging and mature skin.

LED light therapy

A panel of lights placed over your skin reverses the signs of aging or destroys acne. An effective popular treatment.


A diamond tip wand re-texturizes your face, neck, and decollete for superior results and velvety soft skin.

custom peel

We will select the appropriate peel for  you based on your skin and goals.  A choice of: Soft, phytic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, or  TCA.  Peels target pigmentation, scarring, acne, or fine lines.

dewdrop aromatherapy

Choose from a selection of organic essential oil blends exclusively blended for 10K Skin Studio. This balancing ritual bring harmony to the body and mind encouraging a deep sense of relaxation.

peppermint footscrub and balm

Tired from standing on your feet all day? Then this add on is for you! This scrub refreshes and softens while the balm reinvigorates tired soles.

targeted arnica relief

Tense neck and shoulders? Sore calves? Sciatica flaring up? Our targeted arnica relief treatment increases circulation, releases tense muscles, and decreases healing time. Perfect for marathon runner, sedentary office workers...pretty much everyone!