Sister Boss Blast: To Pepper, With Love

Nicole Anderson of To Pepper, With Love

Hello!  It's been awhile since we've updated our blog and I apologize for that.  You can look forward to regular blog posts again.  Today, we are announcing a new monthly series called Sister Boss Blast!  Once a month, I'll be interviewing local women in business and what makes them special.  

Today, we're interviewing Nicole Anderson of To Pepper, With Love. I've worked with her personally and professionally and she is fantastic at her craft!  Everyone needs a little Pepper in their lives and she's the gal to bring it to you.

So, let's get started.  Tell me about yourself, Nicole.
- I am a photographer based out of South OC. I am the wife of an Englishman, the mom to two toddlers (monsters) and an excellent gift picker outer!

That's true! You're an excellent gift giver because I LOVE my cat shirt you gave me.  For those of you that don't know, Nicole gave me a black t-shirt with a cat peeking out of the pocket.  It is the cutest shirt ever!  So, back to business. What got you started in photography?
-I've actually always been interested in photography. My mom is super artistic and used to be a photographer/graphic designer so I definitely inherited my artistic side from her. I took all of the photography classes in High School and then when I met my husband I found other things to take up my time. I owned a mini donut company between 2009 and 2012 and when my son was born I found my love for photography once again. I sold my donut company and bought my first REAL camera. It took off from there!

Wow! I had no idea you had a donut company.  You're just a born entrepreneur.  So, I know you like to focus your work specifically on boudoir photography.  What drew you in to that niche?
- I literally found boudoir accidentally. I went into 2016 with the intention of shooting weddings exclusively. I re-branded and was 100% ready to switch my focus. On a whim I scheduled a boudoir weekend in a hotel in January of this year and we had 4 women. When that weekend was over I realized that I had fallen in love with Boudoir. It was an accidental obsession that turned into another love of my life.

Yes!  I love that answer because that's exactly how I found the spa industry.  Now, I know the market is saturated with photographers but what sets you apart from everyone else?
- There are so many photographers out there that do what I do and shoot what I shoot. A lot of them have the same structure and style but there are a few things that set me apart. I am insanely grateful for every single person that books me. I am shooting women in such a vulnerable state and a lot of the women that come to me (pretty much 99% of them) have something about their body that makes them uncomfortable and I always prove them wrong. It's SO rewarding. Another thing that sets me apart is that I'm literally there for my clients any time they need me. Whether it's texting me a photo of lingerie they love at 10pm or expressing their fears of their upcoming session. I want to be there to uplift these women and change their view of themselves, not just take photos of them and collect their money. ALSO- a massive part of my brand is my team- I COULD NOT do it without my hair and makeup team and I make sure they're key players, not just the ladies in the background that I hired to help. We're a team and we're ALL here for every client!

Yes!  We are nothing without our team and I love that you show gratitude to each and every one of your clients.  Speaking of clients, what's the biggest break through you've seen in your practice?
-I'm happy to see more people truly appreciating and valuing printed photos. In the digital world it's hard to not want digital files because that's how we share our art with the world. With boudoir the products we offer are so amazing and I love seeing faces light up when they get to hold an actual tangible photo of themselves. I hope this trend continues!!

The pieces you offer are stunning.  My favorite product are the love notes, which are polaroid type prints you can write little thoughtful love messages on and sneak into your partner's wallet. What do you wish everyone knew about your industry?
-I wish everyone knew that it isn't as scary as it seems. It's a beautiful way to express yourself and us women often have trouble spending money on ourselves but i'm here to tell you that each and every woman is worth the investment!!! I also wish that ladies knew that boudoir is NOT for any particular shape, size, height, weight...etc! <3

Absolutely!  You've photographed women of all shapes and sizes and they all come out gorgeous.  Well, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, Nicole.                       

-Thanks so much for featuring me, Regina!  I'll see you soon for another facial!

If you'd like to work with Nicole she has a couple spots left for her boudoir weekend on November 11-13.  You can also book her for a family holiday photo session through our Picture Perfect Facial promotion (which is the deal of the year in my opinion but I'm biased).  You can email Nicole at or visit her website and take a gander at her portfolio of work at

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