Do you want to look your best before your next big event?

Do you have a big event coming up and want to put your best face forward?  Are you tired of looking tired?  Do you just want to peel the signs of aging, acne, and dark spots off your skin?  Well then it sounds like you need to book yourself a rejuvenating facial peel.  Peels are a great way to instantly brighten, tighten, and lighten your skin in as little as one treatment.

Now, there are many different types of peels to refresh your skin, and its best that you leave it up to the professional to choose the appropriate one for you based on your skin health, lifestyle, and skin goals.  For example, say you looked in the mirror one day and noticed the dark spots along the left side of your face are more pronounced than they used to be, so you decide to book yourself a glycolic peel.  

Glycolic peels are great for anti-aging but not pigmentation.  A better choice to treat dark spots would be a TCA peel.  TCA peels are fantastic for pigmentation because it loves to attach itself to the proteins found in dark spots, whereas glycolic stimulates collagen to firm your skin.  Both would treat the dark spots, but one's just better at it than the other.

Many people often ask if they'll be red after a peel.  The answer is yes and no.  It depends on the depth of the peel.  As a licensed esthetician, I only have access to light and medium depth peels that often don't leave you red.  Doctors have  access to deep peels that'll leave your skin red and raw.  

Light peels will instantly refresh your skin with no downtime.  We call these, "Go and Glow Peels."  These peels will have your skin looking great before a special event but, in order to see lasting results, will need to be done in a series of at least 6 treatments to truly retrain your skin.

Medium depth peels offer instant longer lasting results with minimal down time.  I'd say the peeling process varies from 5-9 days which all depends on the health of your skin.  These peels are best in a series of at least 3 treatments to significantly reveal smoother, firmer, and brighter skin.  

Remember, peeling is not always guaranteed after any peel you receive.  Its like prescription medication that may cause drowsiness.  If you don't get drowsy, then do you assume the medication is not working?  Same thing with peels.  You may just be one of the lucky ones that experiences no downtime!

So, book your next peel with us at our Midsummer Peel Party!  Our basic light peel is just $35 at this event only.  Its the perfect risk free way to discover the wonder of peels for yourself and we'll have you looking  your best before your next big event.