Turbo Charge Your Facial

We are thrilled to bring you a new non-invasive non-toxic treatment option that delivers results! A powerful natural solution, LED delivers colored light energy into your skin to plump out wrinkles and destroy acne.

Anti-Aging Benefits:

anti-aging facial

As you age, your metabolism isn't the only thing that slows down; your cellular metabolic energy decreases too.  Since our cells are sluggish, then our collagen and elastin production diminishes allowing lines and wrinkles to form.  LED light therapy for wrinkles penetrates down to the dermal layer of your skin to re-energize and increase your skin's production of precious collagen and elastin.  This safe natural light will restore your skin's youthful appearance. 

Acne Benefits:

acne facial

There are multiple causes and types of acne but the basic component they all have in common is that when the skin produces too much oil, dead skin cells get stuck in the pore forming a clog, and this allows acne causing bacteria to flourish and create pimples on your skin.  LED light therapy for acne penetrates the epidermis layer to destroy this acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.  This therapy effectively treats existing breakouts and helps prevent them in the future.  Restore your skin's healthy and clear appearance because LED light therapy paired with my acne specialist certification means acne doesn't stand a chance.

We've been offering this treatment to a select number of clients and we've been blown away by the results!  Now, I want to make sure all of my lovely clients have the opportunity to experience this amazing treatment .  So, for the month of September only, we're offering a complimentary LED treatment with every regular priced 60 minute facial booked.  I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces soon!

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