How to treat dry skin

So, you’ve been blessed, or cursed, with dry skin. How you feel about it really depends on how successful you are in maintaining it.  Now, let me get this out of the way here and now.  Most people think they have dry skin when they don’t. Let me explain.  

If you feel like your skin is dry as Death Valley, you slather on all the lotion, but mid-way through your day you notice an oil slick on your T-zone, then you don’t have dry skin.  You’ve got dehydrated skin and it’s completely different from dry skin.

How is it different?

Dry skin doesn’t produce enough oil to keep itself moisturized and lubricated.

Dehydrated skin lacks water.  Dehydrated skin does and will produce oil but its not properly hydrated. Here’s the kicker. Dry skin can be dehydrated, too, in fact, its more likely to be the case.

Why is that?

Because your dry skin lacks the proper barrier to keep water in your skin. So, not only does your skin lack oil, but it lacks water, too.  9 times out of 10, I get clients with dry skin on my table talking about all the oil products they’re putting on their face but aren’t using anything to add water/hydration.


So, read on to find out the ideal skincare routine using my favorite line: Eminence Organics.


CLEANSER: Dry skin needs a milky or creamy cleanser. Anything that foams up should not be used as it will dry your skin out even further.  Milky/creamy cleansers don’t leave the squeaky clean feel you’re used to, because as it cleans it leaves behind oil to lubricate your skin. The Coconut Cleanser or Monoi Cleanser is perfect for dry skin.

TONER: Toners are a MUST in your skincare routine.  It restores the Ph Balance in your skin making sure its not too acidic or alkaline. It also helps all your serums and moisturizers penetrate better so you’re getting the most benefit from them.  I like the Neroli Hydrating Mist for dry skin types.

EXFOLIANT: I am not a fan of gritty scrubs to exfoliate your skin with as I feel its like washing your skin against a rock in the river. Why do things the old fashioned way when we have so many superior choices for you to use?  Lactic acid is your best friend. It's a gentle and hydrating acid that’s great for all skin types especially sensitive. FIRM SKIN PEEL.

MASQUE: Any cream based masque is going to be your skin’s best friend. Personally, I love to sleep in the buttery Bamboo Age Corrective Masque.

SERUMS: My favorite serums are ones that add water and ones that are oil based. You would add the hydrating serum first followed by the oil based serum. You always want to put products on your skin from the thinnest gels to the heavy balms.  I recommend using 2 drops of the Firm Skin Serum followed by 3 drops of the Rosehip Oil from Eminence.  It’ll give your skin equal parts water and oil for that much needed balance your skin is craving.

MOISTURIZERS: Heavy moisturizers and balms are going to bind that water from the hydrating serum to your skin so it doesn’t evaporate or disappear.  The Rosehip & Lemongrass Repair Balm is great for trapping in water. You can wear it morning and night.  The Tropical Vanilla SPF will increase hydration in your skin by 200%! A must for all dry skins.  The Coconut Moisturizer is one of my favorites for dry skin as well.


If you’re using everything right (creamy cleanser, hydrating toner, hydrating serum, oil serum, heavy moisturizer, and cream masque) and your skin still isn’t happy, then I suggest you look at what’s going on internally with your body.  A nutritionist will be your best bet in solving your dry skin issues if creams and potions aren’t cutting it for you.  I have some great nutritionist recommendations so feel free to message me if you’d love their info.

As always, you can pick up any of these products to quench your dry skin woes in the studio. Mention the blog and get 15% off your next purchase with me!