Travel Essentials for Great Skin

Spring is here, and along with it comes one of my favorites: TRAVEL!

I love, love, love to travel… and many of my gorgeous clients do, too. Along with the exhilaration of experiencing a new place and eating (too much) new food, the downsides of travel can ravage our skin. Dehydrating flights, sun exposure, hormonal stress, crowds, and lack of sleep will absolutely show in those beach selfies. 

Don’t let those evil-doers ruin your well-deserved vacay! These are my 5 Best Travel Beauty Hacks for great skin:

1. Rosehip Repair Balm 

This little balm is fantastic for any skin malady that can befall you whilst traveling. It’ll prevent your skin from drying out on the flight, help prevent wind burns from water skiing, and help heal your skin from sunburns twice as fast as aloe. Its also good for burns from curling irons and ovens. Everyone needs this balm for both traveling and everyday life (especially if you’re as clumsy as I am)!

2. Eight Greens Starter Set 

Travel can be super stressful. Flight delays, layovers, awkward car service drivers, time zones… To re-balances your skin’s hormones and prevent extra baggage (the kind under your eye), slather your face in these stress-fighting items. Bonus, the Eight Greens Hot Masque included in this kit is guaranteed to get your skin a post-facial glow.

3. Sun Defense Minerals ️

I don’t know about you, but I love SPF, but loathe sunscreens.  They’re always so heavy and greasy, they cause breakouts and mess with your glow! I stick to Sun Defense Minerals powder-based (yes, you read that right) SPF. It can be reapplied throughout the day, and even over your make-up! Just dust it on and live your best life? YES, PLEASE!

4. Stone Crop Hydrating Mist 

I keep a small  bottle of this magical mist in my purse at all times. Its great for setting the SPF powder in place, as well as for a quick refreshing spritz when I’m feeling blah on a long flight. Its instantly hydrating and perks me up. Plus, it smells absolutely divine.

5. Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Serum ⏱

Just because you’re traveling does not mean you have to go without exfoliating. This resurfacing serum uses hydrating lactic acid to gently exfoliate your skin with daily use. I love putting it on under my makeup since it also makes a great makeup primer! 

Buen viaje,