5 Effortless Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

1. Make yourself a priority.

As women, we’re constantly told to put others’ needs before our own and I’m here to tell you that’s ludicrous. 200 years ago, women sacrificing their needs for their children was probably a necessity to ensure the survival of the species, but we live in a different time now. The kids and hubby will be fine if you took off for the day to spend time with your girlfriends. The house won’t burn down, the kids will be fed, and that man of yours is a grown man that can cook and clean all on his own. So, call up the girls, and spend the day at the beach, go hiking, or see an art show together. 


2. Simplify your schedule.

Did you get roped into volunteering for another time consuming project? Has your calendar started to look like one giant to-do list? Wait juggling a million things, ladies. There’s nothing more empowering than saying “No” to something you don’t want to do. Even if you’re uncomfortable telling someone “No”, you can let them know you have a previous engagement, but will be there in spirit. This also leaves time for #3… 


3. Do something that makes you happy.

What makes you happy? For me, its trying something new. Even if I’m eating at the same restaurant I always go to, I love ordering something I’ve never tried before. Who knows, maybe I’ll discover my new favorite dish! Sometimes I also order a different delicious drink at Starbucks, instead of the same boring Vanilla Latte that used to be my go-to. I also love to take classes like painting, jewelry making, or ceramics at the local community center. Doing something creative is so rewarding and cathartic! Figure out what gives you that excited feeling in your gut and make time for it… even if it is a bubble bath and Ed Sheeran on repeat.


4. Get some alone time.

In my ::cough cough:: years of living on this lil planet of ours, I’ve noticed most people don’t get enough alone time. Everyone is always going, going, going… Carve out some time for yourself and just be in the moment. Don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be a three hour respite or a weekend retreat to the woods. I like to wake up an hour earlier than everyone else in the house, pour myself some herbal tea, and read a good book. Its such a small, simple luxury that I look forward to every single day. If mornings aren’t your thing (and I don’t blame you), then go for a walk after dinner, sit in the backyard with your new HGTV magazine, or wander around Target with your earbuds in! 


5. Get some shut eye.

Sleep, along with plenty of water, is one of the most powerful healers we have in our arsenal. It’s no secret that I love to take naps! I find them to be the most restful, best quality sleep I ever get, and that’s just from a 15 minute power nap. Everyone is different, so find which kind of sleep best recharges you. Try for 30 minutes, or go to bed an hour early. Give yourself permission to leave the dishes in the sink for another 30 minutes while you recharge, then put on that podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to and get back to being your best you. 

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