How to Beat the Winter Skin Blues

Winter is finally here in sunny Southern California!  You may not feel like it is with the 85° + weather we’ve been having, but I’ve had more clients coming in lamenting how dry their skin has been lately. So, as always, when I’m presented with the same client queries for a week straight I figured I should do some public service and share my wisdom with all of you on how to beat the winter skin blues.

Now, there are a couple of ways to address this issue and clients are always amazed at how many questions I’m asking to figure out what they are or aren’t doing that’s making their skin drier this time of year.  Winter is a colder time of year and that frigid air dries up your skin’s moisture, add the heater and wind into the mix and you’ve got the perfect storm for dry parched skin that’s just thirsting for moisture! So, here are three products that are excellent at helping you and your skin cope this season.

  • Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant: most clients think that exfoliating their skin in the winter will dry out their skin even more but I’m here to tell you its the complete opposite! Exfoliating is one of those magic steps that I wish more people did and understood. Regular exfoliation is going to help prevent blackheads, make your pores look smaller, clear breakouts, lift dark spots, and, drum roll please, enhance product penetration! YES! By exfoliating your skin a couple times a week, its going to allow your moisturizer to penetrate your skin better which means its working better; not harder. I love the Fizzofoliant because its super gentle, instantly brightens, and makes your skin feel silky soft.


  • Firm Skin Acai Serum: Exoliating? Check. But your moisturizer still doesn’t feel like its cutting it? No need to throw it out or in a drawer to be forgotten about, add a nice hydrating serum to your routine. The cold air and dry heat from indoors saps your skin of water so adding a hydrating serum like the Firm Skin Serum will really help solve your bone dry skin problem.


  • Rosehip & Lemongrass Repair Balm: Exfoliating? Check. Serum? Check. Sometimes, your skin needs the strong stuff and this is it.  The Rosehip Repair Balm builds an additional layer on top of your skin to keep all that hydration in and protects your skin from the environment.  BONUS: its great for when you go skiing! No need to suffer from a windburn ever again with this little beauty. Since it adds that layer on top of your skin, it acts as a giant band-aid preventing chapped irritated skin from the wind.  DOUBLE BONUS: Cold and flu season is upon us. Apply this magic balm to your nose and it helps prevent the dry chapped skin that happens from blowing your nose a lot.  TRIPLE BONUS: It’s fantastic for burns and is something you really should just keep around in your house as it helps heal your skin 2x’s faster than it would on its own.

I’m not saying you should stop everything you’re using and just use these three products to solve your dry skin woes (I did have a client do that once and wondered why her skin was still dry. Clients do the funniest things.), but these three should be used in conjunction with whatever it is you’re already using. Unless of course you want a cleanser and moisturizer to go with this and that opens up an entirely new can of worms so shoot me a message and I can give you some recommendations based on your skin type.  

These are my number one sellers this time of year, and if you’d like me to set one or two aside for you, then just shoot me a message and I’m happy to do that.  My fingers are crossed for you and your skin this season!

Regina XOXO