Is your skin getting enough vitamins?

Well, get ready for another round of Ingredient Watch because, today, we’re talking about vitamin C for your skin. There’s a reason why doctors and estheticians alike highly recommend EVERYONE use vitamin C in their skincare routine, whether its for anti-aging or just maintenance, vitamin C is just one of those universal ingredientsthe pros can agree on.

So, why do we love it so much? Just look at all the amazing things Vitamin C has been proven to do for our skin!

Increases Collagen

        Hello firm skin! Did you know our skin starts to diminish collagen production by 1%-2% every year after age 30? And that’s if you live a healthy lifestyle because eating processed food, constant sun exposure, and smoking accelerates collagen loss. If you’re lucky, then you’re at a 10% collagen loss by the time you’re 40. BUT, vitamin c is like an energizer bunny for your skin! It goes in there, and whips your skin in shape by stimulating fibroblasts. What are fibroblasts? They’re your collagen producing best friend. Vitamin C wakes them up and puts them to work which means more collagen and firmer younger looking skin for you.


        Goodbye Redness! Vitamin C is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and is particularly great for reducing the size of broken capillaries by strengthening blood vessels.  It's a natural anti-oxidant so it prevents and reverses the cellular damage caused from free radicals fixing that chronic face flush common in sensitive skin.

Environmental Protection

        It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that we live in an environment that wrecks havoc on our health, and your skin is a physical representation of your health. With the constant exposure to pollution and toxins in our environment, we are bombarded with high levels of free radicals that cascade out of control in our bodies resulting in pre-mature aging, redness, sensitive skin, etc. Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant that puts the free radical fire out. That’s why, the best time to wear vitamin C is during the day so that as you go about your daily life you’re constantly protected from the environment.

Reduced Pigmentation

        Goodbye dark spots! Vitamin C disrupts the enzyme in your skin that produces pigmentation. This means that those sun spots you have will diminish over time the more often you use Vitamin C, especially when paired with SPF, hats, and limited lengthy amounts of sun exposure. Not only does it work to even out your current dark spots, it also helps to prevent future dark spots from being created! 

Now, the best way for you to use Vitamin C is in a serum. You’re guaranteed the highest concentration and effectiveness in serums and that’s where you should invest the most of your money in skincare.

Please, do me a favor, don’t go rubbing oranges and lemons on your skin.  Vitamin C is notoriously difficult for your skin to absorb topically, because its a water soluble vitamin and your skin cells are oil permeable.  There needs to be a hydro(water)-lipid(oil) mechanism that allows the vitamin c to penetrate into your skin cells so that your body can actually use it. Eminence’s Citrus & Kale and Rosehip Oil serum have that liposome technology that allows it to drop vitamin C directly into your skin cells. Not to mention that topically rubbing oranges and lemons on your skin increases your risk of burns in the sun. 

I don’t know about you, but my skin is on the sensitive side to certain ingredients. Castor oil in that cream? Guaranteed to break me out. Vitamin C just so happens to be one of the ingredients my skin is sensitive to and its quite common. BUT, I’ve come to realize my skin just doesn’t like poor quality Vitamin C serums and creams with low quality ingredients. I’ve yet to find a drug store or department store Vitamin C product that didn’t burn, cause hives, or irritate me. The only 2 Vitamin C serums I’ve ever used that not only worked brilliantly AND didn’t cause a reaction is SkinCeutical CE Ferulic and Eminence Citrus & Kale. Both products are utilizing the appropriate Ph, buffers, and delivery systems to ensure the Vitamin C ingredient is actually driven INTO my skin and not just sitting on top causing all kinds of trouble.

So, as always with every blog post, come into the shop, mention this blog, and we’ll give you 10% off your organic Eminence Vitamin C serum.

Be sure to book my Strawberry Lemon-Aid Facial for accelerated Vitamin C benefits, too.